The Great Pacific Northwest


That feeling was back. You're  sitting there waiting for the plane to take off, thinking of all the possibilities. You know where you're going of course and you have a plan but how often do things go as planned? What will you see? Who will you meet? What kind of dangers will we encounter?  In a way this is the best part of the adventure.....the not knowing. 6 hours later we are touching down in a rainstorm at Portland International Airport, Oregon and immediately the plans change. Hurricane winds and typhoon rain along the entire coast of Oregon force us to switch to plan B, drive to California through the forests and mountains instead of the coast. This would still be a risk do to the fact that the same colossal storm was causing major snow storms in the mountains, none the less we were still determined to go forward with the plan, we didn't fly nearly 3,000 miles for nothing. We still had one night to prepare, many things ran through my mind as we checked in to our 4 star hotel, I enjoyed all the amenities that evening as I knew the next 8 days would be spent on the road in an RV. It was one of those dreamless nights that I had felt like I closed my eyes and the next second I heard Chris " Come on dude, get up and get your gear ready, we have to get ready to go"".

 It was my first time in an RV so I was pretty excited when we finally got to see it and began loading our gear and equipment onboard. Quick stop at Walmart to load up on food and 300 dollars later we were on the road. The coarse was set, we were to drive to our first location (Trillium Lake). The weather was partly clear when we left Portland but off in the distance we could see the giant grey clouds heading towards our direction. A Quick glance at the weather forecast, rain for the next 3 days. For us this meant snow due to the higher elevations but still we pushed on, slowly leaving the suburbs of the city and making our way into the luscious green mountainous forests of Oregon. Fully loaded with gear and supplies we were ready to face whatever mother nature had in store for us.....

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