Above New York

The pilot gave one last look back and asked "are you guys ready?" We all looked at each other and gave the silent nod of approval. The helicopter jolted up off the helipad, it hovered for a few seconds and then zoomed up into the sunset sky. Almost immediately the greatest city in the world became visible on the horizon. The sunset cast a pink haze and gold glow across it's skyline, stunned and mesmerized, I didn't even lift my camera until a few minutes into the flight. Our pilot made a request to ascend, the call came back from air control "you guys are good for 3,000". Our pilot gave us the thumbs up and we made our way up to 3000 ft. We have lived in New York City for our whole lives but had never witnessed it in this way. The entire NYC metropolitan area was in view. The city buildings stretched out endlessly towards the horizon for as far as the eyes could see. We wanted to stay there forever but within minutes we began our decent towards Manhattan. The sun was almost set as we flew towards uptown, all of New York's finest architecture began to light up the night. On our way back we hovered over lady liberty, her torch clearly visible in the night sky, she appeared to stand firm watching over the harbor. We took some of the best shots of our lives and witnessed a sunset of a lifetime. We also came back with a different appreciation for the beauty of our city and will most likely be returning to the skies in the near future.

 - CEVimages

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