This wasn’t my first time in Chicago, but it was a new experience viewing the city with a photographic eye. If I recall correctly it’s been 15 years since my last visit to the “Windy City”. It was all new to me back then, I was your typical tourist walking around with my Sony camera strapped around my neck. Although very impressed I lacked the visual perception I would gain after a decade of landscape and architectural photography. This time I ventured to “Chi Town” on a digital mission, this time would be different.

The goal was to capture the city in its essence as it lives and breathes. In order to emphasize life and movement I focused on shooting time lapses of the busiest areas. The resulting effect was quite intriguing, all of a sudden the still images come to life and provide a visual recollection of the hustle and bustle. I traveled all over the city with my gear and tripod in tow, I rode the elevated subway lines and visited the observation decks of the some of the tallest buildings in the nation. I strolled along its rivers and along the mighty Lake Michigan whom the city shares its shores with. Every city has it’s own unique beauty, this is especially true for Chicago, it contrasts  in many ways to other metropolises like Los Angeles and New York. It Provides a first class experience and one can not help but feel enveloped in the culture, beauty and architecture. I truly enjoyed my experience  in “ Second City” and felt accomplished when it was time to depart. However there was much beauty left uncaptured, much left to behold. I look forward to my next visit but for now it’s farewell to the great “Windy City” !


- Christopher A.L. Edwards

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