Yosemite, Valley of beauty - Part I


After experiencing Iceland earlier in the year, we questioned how hard it would be to top that destination. Little did we know that a valley hidden within the mountains of our own country would prove to us that we hadn't seen anything yet. For the following trip we headed to Eastern California. Upon landing in Las Vegas we loaded the car with supplies and began our long drive towards the Sierra Mountains.  We drove all night and approached the mountains in the morning. Our first stop was " Tunnel view" look out point. As we gazed over the landscape we were absolutely stunned by it's beauty and vastness. Thousand foot waterfalls decorated the valley, lush green forest stretched on for as far as our eyes could see. Thousand foot granite walls stood on either side towering over the valley, almost as if they were placed there on purpose to protect it. The feeling of awe overtook us, distracting us from our tasks. We lowered our cameras and simply admired what stood before us. I subconsciously asked myself how something could be so beautiful.

Our excitement grew while setting up camp that night for what was to come. The next day we walked among giant trees at Tuolumne Grove and in the evening hiked to the 8,000 foot summit of Sentinel Dome, where we witnessed a 360 degree view of the entire valley and the sunset of a lifetime. The following day was spent exploring the valley and marveling at the tallest waterfall in North America. At night we would set out into the mountains with our head lamps to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way hanging over the valley like a natural chandelier.  We stayed in Yosemite for 4 days, not nearly enough to begin exploring this majestic landscape. It was one of the saddest departures of all our adventures. No doubt this place left an impression on us, we vowed to one day return to it's mighty rivers, mountains and valleys as we drove to our next location. We would drive 80 miles East to a majestic lake, 65 square miles in size and over 1 millions years old. The sun was already setting and as we finally reached......

To be continued

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