who we are

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One of the most admirable effects of photography is its ability to allow us to engage each other free of all language barriers. It's something everyone can understand. More so, the recent ability to share photos around the world has allowed us to relate to one another despite race, religion, and location. We all unite in the same interest!

It was in this manner that CEV images found life.  A group of photographers brought together through profession and passion. We combine our diverse backgrounds and experience in an effort to create not only the highest quality, but also more importantly the most meaningful content. Each of us has a specialty and a preferred genre of photography ranging from astrophotography to photojournalism to glamorous portrait work. By combining our various areas of expertise, we set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry—projects are finalized only when all three professionals have agreed that each project has resulted in the creation of long lasting, meaningful masterpieces. Follow our family of artists as we embark on our journey to create, inspire and explore. We are photographers, we are story tellers, we are artists...we are CEV images.

CEV images